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Fragrance diffusers

They allow a non peristent diffusion of fragrances in small spaces (standard olfactory diffuser)
 or very large spaces (XL diffuser).

The characteristics of the device
– Remote control via a dedicated interface – Diffusion and instant exact restitution of fragrances
– Diffusion of dry perfumes (alcohol or solvents free, no contact between the fragrance and skin
or clothing of the participants)
– The olfactory restitution is perfectly acurate and validated by the evaluating cells of Chanel, L’Oreal, LVMH …
– Non residual transitions between scents – Exact control of released amounts – No chemicals
– Flexibility: Ability to create multiple zones with different fragrances (zoning)

Main applications
Olfactory terminals and displays: Multisensory POS
On demand fragrances: Hotels, shows, events, product presentations

Olfactory presentations
Join continuously the scent to the discourse.
Keep the attention of your audience when presenting a scent or a flavor.
The solution is suitable for all presentation contexts.
The diffusers can be controlled from a PC with PowerPoint or Flash.
Model xl features
Diffusion in very large spaces.
Large capacity: 6, 8 or 12 fragrances.
Olfactory videos
Maximize exposure of your potential customers to fragrances or flavors of your product.
Multiply the impact of your promotional messages.
The solution is flexible and adapts to any video.

Standard olfactory diffuser model features
Up to 80m2 subtly scented.
Large capacity: 4 capsules of perfume at a time, 5,000 pulses per capsule.
Rich Connectivity: USB, RS232, infrared, Bluetooth and switches dry.

Natural diffusion, acurate and high olfactory capacity.
Diffusion by natural evaporation of the concentrated fragrance.