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“She sets our hearts andthe house on fire” said the happy people who where at Roussia’s party at the Easy Bar in New York City last spring.Indeed, beautiful ex-model Roussia’s sensual and dynamic style gathers from most exciting house, deep and garage, real obscure disco to funk and electro. Based in Paris-France, Roussia (born from a dutch mother) started her DJ career at the beginning of the 90’s.

Very quickly, thanks to her remarkable musical feeling and culture, she became part of the house and techno family as the first DJ girl and started mixing immediately.
Roussia travels a lot : spins in every French major city as well as in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, USA, Lebanon, Brasil, Hong Kong, Shangaï, Russia, Germany … and, of course, Paris best clubs, bars, parties and discos (Queen, Rex Club, Les Bains, Le Globo, Le Batofar, L’ Alcazar, …). Roussia is also spinning for companies like Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Citroen, Omega, Chanel … for internals or promotional parties. She is also now working on her first album as a composer and singer.

Roussia is definitely part of the top ten DJ in France, no matter the sex !