Highlights :

– Spectacular
– Original video decoration
– Augmented Reality

An innovative video installation to animate your event or decorate a space

Mapping is defined as the adaptation of a video content to a 2D or 3D shape with the implementation of caches on the video source. It is an unique and spectacular in situ installation.

By using a judicious synesthetic mix of video and sound design this kind of video installations transports viewers into a world of augmented reality by involving them emotionally.

This installation is suitable for events (concerts, parties, monumental projections, retro mapping, projected video decoration on walls or a 3D surface created by us …) or permanent installations, to decorate a company reception hall, for example, or a shop, or a scene during a company meeting.

You have a mapping project, ask for an access code to download a fillable pdf project description and our methodology describing the various steps and elements necessary for the realization of a mapping.

References : – Mapping at the Gotham Hall in New-York (A-blok agency for Ariametis) – Mapping for private events in Monaco and Marrakech