prestations de v-jaying vj event

Highlights :

– In sync with the music
– Audio-visual environments in real time
– Innovation and interactivity with the public

V-jaying – an innovative and interactive solution to animate your screens

Our services are available around v-jaying, a relatime video mix performance in rhythm with the music. It is our core business with over 200 performances since 2005.
We have an extensive library of video footage and realize video loops and animated logos adapted to the theme of your event.

We design specific high-quality contents, integrate the medias of our customer and provide as well the technical support of the animation, from a simple projection on a screen to multi-screen complex setups.

The advantages of v-jaying in the venues sector is to allow creation of artistic contents without the off-line production constraints. It also boosts your events interactivity with the public thanks to the mixe of steady cameras or mobile cameras ‘s live feed (optional).

V-jaying is performed digitally using software and possibly a video mixer to play with multiple video sources (computers, live cameras feeds, I-pad video stream …). It thus appeals to many video sources: videos, photos, fonts, texts, flash animations, 3d.

Additonal services :
– Creation of a specific thematic video data base matching the visual identity of the client
– Animated realtime diaporamas from pictures taken during the event
– Live feed by steady or mobile cameras – Realization of original scenographies

– Aroma V-Jaying : Diffusion of fragrances

References : – Porsche (Agence L’Art de Vivre) – Inauguration du Club Med Valmorel – Dunhill – Fun Radio – N.R.J – Musée Grévin – Pommery (Stella Publicis) – Hôtel Marriott – Fnac Digitale (Auditoire) – Mini Austin (Horizon) – Pages Jaunes – Vespa (Agence Rouge) – H.E.C & Dauphine – Mairie de Boulogne-Billancourt – Caisse des Dépôts – Norton Antivirus (Le Public Système) – Sony – NBC Universal (Be A Live) – Laboratoires Glaxo – Disney Paris, La Poste, M6 mobile, Infra SNCF, Nespresso, Procter & Gamble (Agence A-blok) – Silmo (Couleur Evénements)