VJ EVENT is a creative studio specialized in audiovisual mixing in real time (v-jaying), design and video mapping of architectural structures or objects.

Since 2005, VJ EVENT creates graphics and video content in close relationship with music for the events industry and brand promotion.

Depending of the projects, VJ EVENT employs various audiovisual talents:  Art Directors, 2 D and 3D motion designers, sound designers, all creative professionals working in a high-end technological environment in the service of a quality art direction.

Creativity, innovation and interactivity

VJ EVENT creates audiovisual and olfactive ambiances, to promote your events in a dynamic and innovative way.

VJ EVENT creates installations that evolve in real time to the beat of your event: video and audio mixes, broadcast, mapping and multi-sensory environments …

Proactive and inspired, we are serving your image to accompany you during your projects, from the creation of quality content to its broadcast.

From the creation of a quality content to its broadcast

VJ EVENT offers global solutions from video creation to content broadcasting, with a total control of the production chain, thus enhancing the coherence of the process.

We provide outstanding project management on both artistic and technical levels. Visual creation is done in perfect accordance with the broadcast system choosen. Each operation is followed by a creative project manager as well as an audiovisual technician specialist .

VJ EVENT produces original designs for your events or products promotional operations. Associated with space designers, we find innovative solutions to scenarize your communication. We use the most advanced techniques combined to top end content creation to give your event a remarkable visual dimension.